Wednesday, August 27, 2008


The Transcontinental

What up world. Broadcasting live from the Ox to the Rotten Apple, Roc C and IMAKEMADBEATS form like Voltron in this bitch. We just getting started. Good looks on passin through and we gonna try and keep this updated with whats goin on with us from time to time. Whats goin on wit the shows/tours, songs, to random stuff goin on in life. Shout out to DJ Romes, TzarizM, Oh No and everyone that helped us out. NOVEMBER WE DROPPIN. KOCH ENT. Be there. I'll post up the tour dates asap. The Official Smash MouF Tour (Oh No, Roc C, and IMAKEMADBEATS) is coming to a theater near you. And if you really want us there, hit us up at we'll see what's goodie.
Peep the music to your right until then and leave us a comment or something.
Check out ya boy ROC murderin the mic at the wake up show earlier this year. CRAZY.


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